We are a creative team who have years of experience in organizing a number of high profile events, from exclusive parties in the French Alps, to presenting glossy magazine shows in one of the most bustling capital cities in the world, Moscow.
     This experience has helped us to develop a thriving business which can cater for weddings, birthday parties for all ages, classical dinner parties and other important occasions, ranging from a family gathering, to a corporate event. We take on each project with immense joy and pride as we want to make each event an occasion to remember for our clients.
     When planning an event, we are always conscious to keep in constant contact with our client in order to make sure every single detail is accounted for. For us even the most minor detail is of the upmost importance, as it is often these tiny elements that can make an occasion unforgettable.
  Presentation is of vital importance to us. We always use a team of professional photographers and cameramen, who have a wealth of experience of filming corporate events and parties. Likewise our caterers are of the highest standard and can provide top quality dishes, fit for every possible occasion. We also provide florists and designers, who are equally as experienced and can provide unlimited ideas of how to make your special occasion an unforgettable one, while you can relax and enjoy what we hope will be a truly cherished moment in your lives. 
                                                                                                                                                               Kind regards, Yulia Dubova & Inna Faleva